Top 5 Muscle Cars

Chosen By Ellingson Staff

If you want to keep a group of classic car enthusiasts entertained, just have them all name their favorite car makes and models in various categories. That is exactly what we did with all the staff here at Ellingson #1. We went around and asked them to vote on their favorites in categories like muscle cars, collectible cars, makes that have gone out of business and even their favorite classic car from TV or movies.

We compiled all the answers into top 5 lists for each category and over time we’ll be share them with everyone here. First up was a question most people can answer without even thinking… our favorite Muscle Car. Below are the rankings of our Top 5 favorites.


5. Chevy Camaro

A traditional American favorite, it’s no surprise the Camaro made our list. Chevy debuted the Camaro in 1967 and they have been produced 44 of the 51 years since. We have three different Camaros in our inventory now including the '69 Z28 above.


4. Dodge Charger

Much like Chevy did with the Camaro, Dodge introduced the Charger in the mid-60’s and it went through various changes and generations over the last 50+ years. If you REALLY want power the 2018 Charger SRT Hellcat has more than 700 horsepower! We don’t have a Charger in our inventory now but if you’re into Dodge muscle we have a ’69 Dart and a ’74 Challenger.


3. Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth paid $50,000 to Warner Brothers to use the name and likeness of the Road Runner from the popular cartoons. It was a big hit right from the start, outselling Camaros, Mustangs, Chargers and many other muscle cars in 1968. We have the ’69 Road Runner convertible shown above sitting in our showroom now.


2. Ford Mustang

You figured the Mustang had to land on this list somewhere. It single-handedly introduced the pony car concept, pushing Chevy, Dodge, Plymouth, Pontiac and AMC to all create their own smaller, affordable sports cars. We have SEVEN classic Mustangs in our inventory right now, including the 1970 Mach 1 CJ pictured above.


1. Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO’s are very popular with Ellingson staffers. The ’64, ’67 and ‘69 models were all chosen as favorites. The ’64 GTO is believed to have started the 1960’s muscle car craze. The name GTO was John DeLorean’s idea (yes THAT DeLorean) who was an engineer at Pontiac. Right now we have this gorgeous ’69 GTO Ram Air III sitting in our showroom.


A few honorable mentions that didn't quite make our top 5 list include the Corvette, Chevelle and Olds 442. That's the wonderful thing about classic cars.. we all have our favorites and at the end of the day there really isn't a wrong answer!


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